Arizona, State of v. United States Internal Revenue Service et al

  1. June 14, 2024

    IRS Says Ariz. Lacks Standing To Fight Taxation Of Rebates

    Arizona did not have standing to lodge its claim that its 2023 income tax rebates should be exempt from federal tax, the Internal Revenue Service told a federal court, arguing the taxes paid by Arizonans did not amount to harm to the state itself.

  2. April 30, 2024

    IRS Rejects Arizona's Effort To Exempt State Tax Rebates

    The state of Arizona can't sue the federal government to litigate the personal claims of its taxpayers, the Internal Revenue Service told a federal court in an effort to dismiss a bid by the state to exempt state tax rebates from federal income taxes.

  3. April 05, 2024

    Arizona Loses Bid To Bar Federal Tax On One-Time Rebates

    A federal court declined Friday to bar federal taxation of Arizona's one-time state tax rebates issued last year, rejecting the state's move for a preliminary injunction against the Internal Revenue Service.

  4. March 22, 2024

    Ariz. Says Federal Tax On Rebates Contradicts IRS Guidance

    A decision by the Internal Revenue Service to impose federal income tax on rebates issued last year by Arizona violates the agency's own recent guidance, the state told a federal court, saying a preliminary injunction against the tax would not unduly burden the agency.

  5. March 01, 2024

    Court Urged To Act Quickly On Dispute Over Ariz. Tax Rebates

    Arizona taxpayers will suffer irreparable harm if the state's lawsuit against federal taxation of Arizona tax rebates is not heard during the current tax filing season, the state told a federal court.

  6. February 22, 2024

    US Can't Tax Ariz. Residents' Rebates From State, Court Told

    Arizona residents should not owe federal income tax on the state's one-time tax rebates issued last year because they were "general welfare" payments that federal guidance says are excluded from taxation, the state said in federal district court.